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Meet the Team

Our core staff team works alongside a growing team of volunteers and leaders from the community to lead the development of the church and community.


St Katharine Cree is a Guild Church governed by the City of London (Guild Churches) Acts 1952 and 1960, which means its governance is similar to - but in certain specific and significant ways different from - parish churches. There is an elected Guild Church Council who also serve as Trustees for the Charity Commission which includes the Priest-in-Charge, the Churchwarden, and elected members. If you are interested in joining the Electoral Roll of the church please contact the Priest in Charge.

Guild Church Council Members 2024-5

The Revd Josh Harris (Chair)

Michael Page (Churchwarden and Vice-Chair)

Dr Rachael Burke (Churchwarden and Treasurer)

Allan Ramanoop

Parish Clerk

St Katharine Cree is also able to appoint a Guild Church, or Parish, Clerk. This ancient office is an honorary role, though our current Clerk plays a valuable role alongside our Churchwarden with preserving the history, fabric and treasures of the Church. Parish Clerks across the City and in certain other churches may belong to the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks.

Our Clerk is Martin Woods, a long-standing Clerk and friend of this church, a Churchwarden elsewhere in the City, and a past president of the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks.

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