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Work with Us

The Guild Church of St Katharine Cree is a church for all workers in the heart of the City of London. On a journey of renewal led by a team drawn from the Centre for Theology and Community and the parish of St George-in-the-East, we are building a church community where those working in occupations which are often low paid or precarious are at the centre of our church life and leadership. Would you like to come and work with us?



There are lots of different opportunities developing at St Katharine Cree in which you might like to volunteer. Perhaps you want to help people learn English, or join our gardening group, or help with our Christmas fair, or help keep the church space lovely, or to help us start a new activity?

We ask anyone interested in volunteering with us to start that process with a conversation, where we can get to know you and what you are interested in before we discuss any specific opportunities or roles.

The best way to do this is to come to one of our times of prayer and introduce yourself to one of the team. Or, you can contact us.

Corporate Days

Would you like to come and spend a team building day helping us here at St Katharine Cree?

There are lots of ways you can help: from helping tidy the garden, to repainting neglected areas of the building we are bringing back into use, to helping run CV coaching clinics for young people and those out of work who are applying for jobs.

We would love to hear from you and discuss what you could do as a team with us. Or, you can contact us.

Urban Gardening
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