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Developing Leaders with the Shpresa Programme

This week is volunteering week and we were delighted to host a celebration of volunteers and leaders by the Shpresa Programme. This is a charity that promotes the participation and contribution of Albanian-speaking refugees and migrants in the UK. Through their services and projects, they encourage and support individuals and families to play a positive and active role in British society.

Shpresa was founded by Luljeta Nuzi, who preached our 2023 Lion Sermon and told her story of starting Shpresa as a new migrant from Albania twenty years ago - and the importance of faith in finding the strength to do so, and to continue today against the challenges of her own journey with cancer. You can read her sermon on our website:

We are delighted to be supporting Shpresa by hosting events here in the City - and we are looking forward to co-hosting a celebration for Mother Theresa Day in September.

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