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Wellbeing and Fitness

We want to provide opportunities for workers in the City to take care of their wellbeing and their fitness: emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental. God made us as whole people and it is good to enjoy looking after ourselves and each other.

Child's Pose
Body Conditioning: Thursday 1-1:45pm

This fitness class is appropriate for all fitness abilities and will give you a real energy boost during the day. Mats provided or bring your own, and don't forget water. We ask for a suggested donation of £5 per class but please don't let cost put you off.

You need to complete this Pre-Activity Questionnaire before attending your first class and you can then either turn up or guarantee your spot by booking a class here.

Gardening Group: TBC

We would like to start gardening groups in our beautiful courtyard garden off Mitre Street. Please get in touch if you would like to join in or even lead some sessions.

Mental Fitness and Wellbeing: TBC

We are developing support in partnership with a range of organisations and hope to announce more soon.

Private Prayer: Through the week

Whenever the Church is open you are welcome to come and use the space for your own personal prayer and reflection. Light a candle, use one of the available prayer cards or Bibles, or simply enjoy the peace for a few moments.

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