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Meaningful Connection on International Women's Day

One of our chaplaincy team, Claire, writes...

Our recent Storytelling and Leadership Workshops culminated last month with the participants contributing to the planning and facilitation of a large event to celebrate International Women’s Day. From sharing food from their home countries, to painting their reflections on the theme of transformation, to ending the day in an act of prayer - the day was filled with meaningful connection.

One woman shared:

“I didn’t even need to look at the words of that hymn. I knew it by heart. We sang it back home.”

Another showed off her artwork:

'This is my land back home. These trees flower around this time of year.”

We are excited to see what God is doing in the lives of these women and all those in our

growing life here. Their art remains on display in the Church Hall. We pray that God continues to use St. Katharine Cree as a spiritual home and safe space to grow in leadership, faith, and community for this group of people.

We are grateful for a grant from the Church Urban Fund as part of the Near Neighbour's programme for supporting this project.



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