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St Joseph the Worker Celebration

At the start of May we held a Eucharist and BBQ in partnership with the IWGB Cleaners and Facilities Branch to celebrate the International Day of the Worker and the Feast of St Joseph the Worker which fall in early May. We had a fantastic time enjoying friendship and music in the garden after a rich celebration of the Eucharist together in Spanish and English.

In her sermon, our Outreach and Mission Coordinator, Kitty, explained the significance of Joseph to our community:

"Joseph worked an honest job as a carpenter; a respectful line of work that by no means deemed him elite in society. His work was honest, and manual, and would have required intense physical work. He dedicated his daily work to the glory of God. He would not have earned much money, but with what he did earn, he supported his young family."

"Joseph was directed by an angel of the Lord in a dream to flee to Egypt. He faced the very real challenges of finding a home, a source of income, and a life of safety. Joseph knew that his family was in danger, and like many migrants and refugees today, he was forced to go out from his native land to increase the likelihood that his family would live in a protected environment. All this while carrying the weight of fathering and protecting the long-awaited Messiah, his young son, Jesus."

"Today, Joseph is universally known as the exemplary patron of dignified work. How do you relate to the life of Joseph? The hidden Saint, the hidden worker."

We continue to remember St Joseph the Worker in our side chapel in which we regularly offer prayers for all the workers in the City of London.

Our next Spanish-language worship is a special event for Pentecost on Saturday 18th May at 12 noon. Our next Eucharist is on Saturday 8th June at 12 noon.


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