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Storytelling & Leadership

We are so excited to be running a new Storytelling and Leadership training course for women here at the St Katharine Cree starting in just a few weeks. You can find out more details and register here.

This four part course - across four Saturday mornings in February and March - is for all women who want to raise their confidence, strengthen their leadership skills, to build community, and to learn how sharing stories can help us work for positive change.

Highly interactive and a lot of fun - but keeping a safe, confidential, and supportive space - the course will be led by Ivonne Loján and Dr Claire Moll-Namas (pictured below) from the St Katharine Cree team. Both women are experienced community organisers and leaders and this course builds on our very successful Spanish-language training in 2022.

This course is free of charge (including lunch) but spaces are limited so please register yourself or send the information to someone you know who might want to come! You can register at

We are grateful to the Near Neighbours Programme for funding this work. If you'd like to discuss partnering with us to support future training events and our work to identify and raise up new leaders in London, please contact the Priest-in-Charge Josh Harris.


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